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BIG NOTHING • Dog Hours (Transparent blue Vinyl) • LP

BIG NOTHING • Dog Hours (Transparent blue Vinyl) • LP

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Lame-O Records

There is definitely something refreshing upon hearing Big Nothing’s newly released sophomore record Dog Hours, as its timeless sound is instantly engaging. The Philadelphia band plays a very straightforward guitar rock that is full of layered harmonies and thought stirring lyrics which seamlessly blends a modern indie style with Americana influences.

Dog Hours is an easy listen and sits nicely with your ears right from opening track “Always On My Mind.” The band quickly shows their Teenage Fanclub similarities on this song with its layered harmonies and mid-tempo rhythm that has a strong guitar presence supporting the track. This foot tapping experience continues on the next song “A Lot Of Finding Out,” but this track has a bit more grit and Southern flavor to it like a Lucero. This slightly changing sound keeps Dog Hours fresh which continues to morph as Big Nothing also features bassist Liz Parsons on lead for several tracks. Her vocals are the biggest change on the record as Parsons songs are more a Waxahatchee style.

Big Nothing brings nothing but the warmth on all ten tracks here and reminds me alot of the 90’s records from Boston’s Buffalo Tom. Even with the switching male/female lead vocals and slight style shifts the record succeeds as the instrumentation is cohesive. Dog Hours shines over and over with their honest approach and delivery. There is no studio wizardry and no weird effects – just heartfelt songs and lyrics. When the band harmonizes together and sings “It’s getting harder just to tell you what I mean” during “Curiosity” it sounds like they leave everything on the table. This sincerity is hard to find in bands and Big Nothing offers it to you on every song. This quality alone gives Dog Hours a high replay value that will have you coming back for more.

01. Always On My Mind
02. A Lot Of Finding Out
03. Still Sorta Healing
04. Don't Tell Me
05. Curiosity
06. Dog Hours
07. Make Believe
08. Accents
09. Back The Way
10. What I Wanna Say
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