SOKO LINX • Auf Die Fresze. Fertig. Los! • LP

SOKO LINX • Auf Die Fresze. Fertig. Los! • LP

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Debut album of the Leipzig punk trio known to the police as 12" vinyl in gatefold cover with relief varnish, printed inner sleeve, booklet and download code on Bakraufarfita.

When a new band from the nationally known subculture hotspot Leipzig Connewitz takes the name of a special department of the LKA Saxony, which specifically investigates the strong left-wing scene there, you can make yourself comfortable on the sofa with popcorn. The clandestinely masked trio don't make it too easy for themselves and their listeners either. Neither are instant slogans from the 80s and 90s mothballs turned into songs, nor does this album sound like an unimaginative "battle cry" derivative.

The songs present themselves with surprisingly poppy qualities, polyphonic choruses, extremely catchy melodic arcs and occasionally cleverly interspersed quotes from hip-hop, electro, pop and metal, and their lyrics are biting, critical and by no means one-dimensional. There seems to be a good network in the local area. As guest vocalists, Soko Linx were not only able to inspire rapper Yetundey and 100 Kilo Herz singer Rodi, even Die Prinzen boss Sebastian Krumbiegel puts in a brilliant performance on "Allein Rumstehn".

"OAuf Die Fresze. Fertig. Los!" is an astonishing German-language punk album that few people would have expected.

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