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Run For Cover

In the spring of 2020, Ben Cook - also known as Young Governor, Young Guv or simply Guv - barricaded himself in the high desert of New Mexico after his US tour was abruptly cut short during a tour of the South West. He and his bandmates lived from one moment to the next in a so-called Earthship, a solar-powered adobe structure sustainably built from recycled bottles and tires, among other things. And out there in the serene expanse, where a short ride turned into a nine-month stay, Ben wrote music, slowly, piece by piece, mostly at night while the others slept.

By the turn of the year, almost unnoticed, he had created a new album, actually two new albums, and through this ordeal he was changed forever. In a place he never expected, under circumstances no one could have foreseen, and in the face of physical isolation, emotional despair and existential angst, Ben created GUV III & IV, a collection of songs dedicated to the eternal healing power of love and how to find it in the world, in others, and most importantly, in oneself. Written in the wilds of New Mexico and produced in Los Angeles, the double album will finally be available in its entirety this summer via Run For Cover. Young Guv's talent as a songwriter has long been recognized. From forming the iconic hardcore band No Warning in 1998 to being a member of Toronto legends Fucked Up, Ben Cook began writing songs as Guv in 2008 in between a slew of other projects ambitiously working to define the genres they were in.

When he began collaborating with Run For Cover in 2019, the plan was to release a single album - but with too many songs to throw away, the project expanded into its first double album, GUV I & II. GUV III & IV shows the same ambition and expertise in hit-making, but this time the individual records focus on specific parts of Guv's sonic palette. GUV III is full of iconic hooks, power-pop guitar riffs and danceable rock songs, while GUV IV borrows from psych-rock, electro-pop and Laurel Canyon jangle to create something that, as a whole, can only be defined as definitively GUV
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