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BERTHOLD CITY • A Moment In Time • LP

BERTHOLD CITY • A Moment In Time • LP

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War Records

Los Angeles, CA, straight-edge hardcore band Berthold City returns with their highly anticipated new record, "A Moment In Time." In addition to the new material, "A Moment In Time" includes both of Berthold City's celebrated and out-of-press 7" records, comp tracks, and two cover songs. With aggressive riffs, thunderous drums, and thought-provoking lyrics, Berthold City unleashes a sonic assault that demands attention.

Track Listing:

1. BC Stomp
2. The Line Divides
3. Until I Fade Away
4. The Difference
5. What Time Takes
6. No One To Blame
7. Beware The Snakes
8. Broken Foundation
9. Moment Of Truth
10. Left For Dead
11. Enough!
12. This World On Fire
13. Like Knives
14. Walls Of Hate
15. Back Against The Wall
16. We'll Make The Difference

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