BOLT THROWER • The Peel Sessions 1988-1990 • LP

BOLT THROWER • The Peel Sessions 1988-1990 • LP

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CHEAP -> Hermes Delivery fucked up the covers pretty bad, the vinyl is still in good shape though. 

UK radio DJ John Peel was responsible for inviting a succession of then-unknown, highly-extreme hardcore/punk/metal bands to lay down tracks to air on his national UK radio show in the late '80s. Causing intense debate at the time as members of the public were aurally assaulted by the most extreme music they had ever heard, John Peel continued his hands-on support to the fledgling scene for the next four years. Bolt Thrower joined John Peel to record two sessions back in 1988, before returning to record a third and final session in July of 1990.

Tracks 1-4 recorded 03/01/88, broadcast 13/01/88

Tracks 5-8 recorded 06/11/88, broadcast 16/11/88

Tracks 9-12 recorded 22/07/90, broadcast 04/09/90

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