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THIRD EGO • S/T (Col. Vinyl) • LP

THIRD EGO • S/T (Col. Vinyl) • LP

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Flight 13
Third Ego is opening up. In early 2020 four seasoned punkrock veterans got together in the depths of Amsterdam’s Vondelbunker. While the world outside got layered under a gloomy blanket, they crafted their sound accordingly. Bringing influences from the roaring 80’s to the boisterous ‘90, Third Ego encapsulates decades of punk and rock.

Jean Morreau’s singing paints a feeling of repentance, backed by the tuneful guitar of Jeroen Blom, Rene ten Brink’s robust bass and Edwin van Voorbergen’s clockwork drumming. Their songs crystalize deepfelt emotions. Although the feelings may fleet, the impressions they left are now carved in permanently.

Together with Menno Bakker, Third Ego recorded 12 songs in the Amsterdam Recording Company studio. Menno Wittebrood provided the artwork, which goes hand in hand with the music to create a very own atmosphere. A record which you will want to listen to over and over again.

Third Ego is:
Jean Morreau
Jeroen Blom
Rene ten Brink
Edwin van Voorbergen

They are based in Amsterdam and their self-titled album is due for an release in 2022


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