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DEATH BY HORSE • Reality Hits Hard • LP

DEATH BY HORSE • Reality Hits Hard • LP

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Twisted Chords

Second album by the Swedish punk rockers as a CD in digipack and LP (gatefold, text inlay and download code) on TWISTED CHORDS. Founded in 2015, a year later the debut 'This Too Shall Pass' and now the big hit: 'Reality Hits Hard' is bursting with energy , joy of play and love of life. Ultra-melodic, catchy and hit-heavy punk rock that immediately sticks in your head. Somewhere between the great Swedish melody core bands of the 1990s, their compatriots from BABOON SHOW, the best RANCID moments and long-forgotten bands like DOVER or TILT. Carried by the unique, gripping and concise voice of singer JAHNA, DEATH BY HORSE set off real fireworks: all fists in the air and off we go! Simple, entertaining, catchy and incredibly good. DEATH BY HORSE like to step on the accelerator like in the opener 'Narcissist' or 'Dancing Alone', but also work in quiet, melancholic, sad numbers like 'The Flood'. 'Reality Hits Hard' is an album that is so complex and varied from start to finish, works on many levels and to which you can do anything: celebrate and cry, go crazy and dream. Punk rock tip!

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