EKULU • Unscrew My Head • LP

EKULU • Unscrew My Head • LP

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2nd press, black vinyl. 
Cash Only Records 2022

"New York crossover thrashers EKULU follow up a couple promising EPs/singles (and a live EP) with their first full-length album, Unscrew My Head. It includes a new and improved version of their 2019 single "Half Alive," plus eight other songs, and the whole thing rips. Ekulu really nail the thrash elements -- whiplash-inducing riffage, screaming whammy bar leads, heroic solos -- and they've mastered the toughness and simplicity of hardcore too. Sometimes Unscrew My Head feels like a trip back to 1987, but Ekulu sound too vital to be pigeonholed as a nostalgia act. Hear it for yourself below."
(Brooklyn Vegan)



1. Becoming/New Life Jam
2. Proven Wrong
3. Half Alive
4. Pick Your Fight
5. Whos In Control?
6. Unscrew My Head
7. Crossed
8. Wake Up
9. World Of Uncertainty

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