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MAKE DO AND MEND • Don't Be Long • LP

MAKE DO AND MEND • Don't Be Long • LP

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Looks like Christmas came early this year with the release of Make Do And Mend’s new album, “Don’t Be Long”. I’ve been listening to this album for over a month now and I still can’t get enough of it! While I wasn’t the biggest fan of 2012’s “Everything You Ever Loved”, this new batch of tunes is right up there with “End Measured Mile”.

The title track starts off subtle enough but it doesn’t take these guys long to break out their trademark post-hardcore sounds before exploding in a killer chorus. Next up is “Ever Since”, which sounds remarkably upbeat for these guys before they crank out two of the best songs they’ve ever written, “Bluff” and “Old Circles”, both of which come with killer guitar licks and even better choruses.

Equally melodic but more mellow are “Sin Miedo” and “Sin Amor”, which together form the album’s centerpiece. Later on the band goes acoustic on our asses with “I Don’t Wonder At All”, sounds like a pissed off No Motiv in “Sanctimony” and tugs even more at your heartstrings with the hauntingly beautiful album closer “Begging For The Sun To Go Down”.

Make Do And Mend have always been a band that manages to combine the raw and the gritty with the powerful and the pretty in the best of ways. Honestly… loneliness, loss and disappointment have never sounded better than in a Make Do And Mend song. Need proof? Just listen to “Don’t Be Long”!

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