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NEAT MENTALS • Wasteland • LP

NEAT MENTALS • Wasteland • LP

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Gunner Records

Finally! After their impressive debut in 2018, the four Swabians are back with their follow-up album, "Wasteland." And it truly packs a punch, as NEAT MENTALS catapult themselves straight into the top tier of punk rock in this country. With raucous, jangly guitars and a wonderfully gritty bass laying the foundation for multi-part vocals, drummer Flo pounds the drums like a berserk madman. The cherry on top of "Wasteland," however, is the band's willingness to stray from the well-trodden paths of punk rock: songs can easily run four and a half minutes, hard-rocking riffs à la MOTÖRHEAD and AC/DC meet bluesy licks, guitar solos are not taboo, and with "Zeitverschwender," even a German-language song finds its place on the album.

It's clear that the break during the COVID-19 pandemic did the band a world of good, as this album is brimming with passion. And more importantly: intelligence! The lyrics directly address the wounds of our time, but are noticeably more contemplative and critical compared to their earlier works. Serious themes are packaged in major chords with absolute perfection, harking back to the roots of it all: old-school punk rock for the young and the young at heart. A contender for Album of the Year!

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