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RADON • More Of Their Lies • LP

RADON • More Of Their Lies • LP

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Gainesville, FL, punk legends Radon deliver their fourth album to date of rocking and poppy melodic punk rock that has paved the way for many to follow. For over 27 years, this quintessential Gainesville band has been churning out some of the best melodic punk the South has ever seen. Fast forward to 2019, Radon is back with a new full-length album of some of their best and catchiest stuff to date. LP includes digital download.

Track Listing:

1. Better Than I Am
2. Demon Lover
3. Go Forth And Hate One Another
4. A Fist Full Of Potash
5. What Do You Want From Me
6. Wired
7. Painted Red
8. Roller Derby Girls
9. Saint In A Bottle
10. Just Wanna Play Guitar
11. UFdUp
12. From The Wilderness
13. Jellyfish

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