RAUM27 • Anfangen Anzufangen • CD/LP

RAUM27 • Anfangen Anzufangen • CD/LP

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RAUM27 is the kind of band where you can immediately hear that they approach their music with great dedication, hard work, and passion. Thanks to this commitment, several of their singles have already surpassed the million mark on streaming platforms, and there seems to be no end in sight. RAUM27 sets out with their debut album, titled "Anfangen Anzufangen" (Beginning to Begin).

RAUM27 dares the difficult balancing act of wanting to reinvent themselves as a band in the genre of pop music while still writing relevant, modern, and danceable songs. Moreover, lead singer Tristan and multi-instrumentalist Mathis belong to a generation that not only deals with personal worries and anxieties but also faces increasing psychological pressure, climate issues, and constant confrontation with the "perfect life" portrayed on social media platforms. The result is meaningful lyrics combined with a refined sense of melodies and a tendency towards melancholy. Does it all sound familiar? Well, it sounds refreshingly new.

On "Anfangen Anzufangen," RAUM27 merges lyrical and musical depth with a subtle touch of zeitgeist, skillfully bringing social criticism and teenage angst into the present. In doing so, they carve out their own niche because rarely have German lyrics from two musicians in their early twenties portrayed age-specific as well as societal themes with such urgency and attitude, without coming across as contrived, cheesy, or embarrassing.

In collaboration with producer and studio engineer Johann Seifert (Cro, Lena Meyer-Landrut, Alexa Feser), they have created 14 songs, such as the intimate romance of "Sommerregen" (Summer Rain), sprinkled with quotes from lead singer Tristan's WhatsApp conversations, to "Plattenbaum" (Record Tree), which celebrates disillusionment with nature as a counter-concept to the general exodus from rural areas, and the exploration of their hometown "Bremen" as a "fast-paced city." On their debut album "Anfangen Anzufangen," RAUM27 tackles topics that always shift the focus from the personal to the general, without drifting into clichés. The fact that the band stands by their own words is evident in the production of their physical records, where sustainability is valued, and recycled vinyl is used for "Anfangen Anzufangen."

And what already appears captivating throughout the album becomes an absolute spectacle when performed live on stage with their 6-piece band. Between supporting shows for ROGERS and their first sold-out gigs, the band manages to break down fences and cause entrance blockages at the Deichbrand Festival, along with countless awe-inspiring moments at other festivals. They will showcase this live energy in 2023 at festivals such as Open-Flair, Vainstream, Rock am Ring Warm-Up, Green Juice, and many more. In the fall of 2023, their first headline tour will follow.

Rarely has a German-language debut in recent times conveyed such a wide range of relatable emotions. RAUM27 authentically expresses their experiences of adolescence and finding their way in today's societal existence. "Anfangen Anzufangen" leaves many highly praised debut albums in the rain while mischievously grinning from under the umbrella. Because the name says it all: "Stopping" doesn't exist in RAUM27's self-perception - they have come to stay, and "Anfangen Anzufangen" is just the beginning!

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