RESOLUTIONS • Weightless • LP

RESOLUTIONS • Weightless • LP

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Fond Of Life Records

"Admittedly, The Fest-, Orgcore-, Whatever-Punkrock could attract attention lately mainly by lack of surprises. Catchy, beery midtempo riffs and best of all a smoky hoarse voice for the feeling, the prototype is ready.

RESOLUTIONS don't even think in such dimensions and give us with "Weightless" eleven good reasons why the genre should not be put to bed yet. After a few singles and despite line-up changes, among others at the microphone, the Hanoverians don't really change anything fundamental in the highly melodic recipe with their debut album, but instead they do a hell of a lot right and remain sovereign at all times.

"Machines" flirts with DEAR LANDLORD melodies, "8 arms" borrows the hookline from RED CITY RADIO, the heritage of bands like IRON CHIC, THE LAWRENCE ARMS or DILLINGER FOUR resonates in every note.

But especially Norman's distinctive vocals, which perfectly alternate between light vibrato and unforced brittle-rough-legged singing, give "Weightless" that certain something."
(Ox Fanzine)

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