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ROLO TOMASSI • Where Myth Becomes Memory • DoLP

ROLO TOMASSI • Where Myth Becomes Memory • DoLP

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Rolo Tomassi is a British progressive metal band from Sheffield. They have been active since 2005, and their new album, "Where Myth Becomes Memory," is their sixth full-length album. It serves as the follow-up to their critically acclaimed album, "Time Will Die And Love Will Bury It," released in 2018. The band is known for their sonically rich and energetic live performances, as well as their clear and consistent artistic aesthetic.

Vocalist Eva Spence is one of the most dynamic and versatile singers in the progressive metal scene, showcasing her beautiful cleans and guttural screams that are truly unique.

Their new album, "Where Myth Becomes Memory," is a stunning display of impeccable musicianship, intricate songwriting, and raw emotions. On this album, Rolo Tomassi explores elements of mathcore, post-metal, prog, classical, ambient, and experimental music. The band can generally be described as progressive metal, with a specific focus on experimental mathcore.

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