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STATE CHAMPS • Kings Of The New Age (Hot Pink Vinyl) • LP

STATE CHAMPS • Kings Of The New Age (Hot Pink Vinyl) • LP

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Pure Noise Records

State Champs with their 4th studio album "Kings Of The New Age", which features guest contributions from Ben Barlow (Neck Deep), Chrissy Costanza (Against the Current) and Mitchell Tenpenny.

" 'Kings Of The New Age' is our fourth album, the one we spent the most time on, and the one with the biggest message. After writing over 30 songs, we narrowed it down to 11 songs that best represented our mission as a band and sonically matched the energy level we wanted to start this new chapter with.

Lyrically, 'Kings Of The New Age' is a reflection on the last few years in a very crazy time. But it's also a reminder that we're only here for a certain amount of time. Although we will always live and learn through trial and error in areas such as friendship, family, career, relationships, etc., there is no time for toxicity and negativity when a specific opportunity presents itself. Never waste a moment that can be seized. Times are changing, culture is evolving, and we're excited to provide the soundtrack and let you know we're here to stay. Welcome to the new age."

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