TURNOVER • Myself In The Way (velvet vinyl) • LP
TURNOVER • Myself In The Way (velvet vinyl) • LP

TURNOVER • Myself In The Way (velvet vinyl) • LP

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Run For Cover Records
Release date: 4. November 2022

Velvet coloured vinyl - Exclusive colour for European Indie retail

"Myself In The Way" is Turnover's fifth full-length album, and it follows their first pause in consistent touring in almost ten years. Returning to Pennsylvania to track with longtime friend and producer Will Yip, vocalist and guitarist Austin Getz cites Quincy Jones, Chic, and "Dark Side Of The Moon" as influences in the way that songs like the infectiously-rhythmic "Ain't Love Heavy" and the trippy, disorienting "Tears Of Change" feel wider, deeper, and more whole than anything in the band's catalog to date. "Myself In The Way" is an achievement that ties new and exciting ideas in with the band's unique artistic ambition.

Track Listing:

1. Stone Station
2. Tears Of Change
3. Myself In The Way
4. Wait Too Long
5. People That We Know
6. Mountains Made Of Clouds
7. Ain't Love Heavy
8. Pleasures Galore
9. Stone Station Reprise
10. Fantasy
11. Queen In The River
12. Bored Of God/Orlando

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