V/A • Paris On Oi! • LP

V/A • Paris On Oi! • LP

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End of 2019, while the scene Oi! in Paris is in full swing, and has never, in this already well-stocked decade, experienced so many groups, the epidemics of COVID are hitting and putting a brake on this whole new generation.

Hence the idea of making this compilation gathering a good part of these groups and which gives a precise capture of the state of the scene at this period. This compilation is, like other projects, our will to continue to make Oi! live in one way or another during these times of forced silence. More than a simple compilation, it is good to know that most of the bands featured there recorded together, during a weekend in the mythical studios of the Frigos in Paris 13th, which gives this album a unity in sound and spirit.

01. TCHERNOBYL - Silence complice
02. À CRAN - Qui gagne perd
03. FRACTURE - Alma
04. SQUELETTE - Coup de tête
05. CONTUSION - Même rengaine
06. SENS CRITIQUE - Tribunal populaire
07. RESILIENCE - Non, rien
08. GONNA GET YOURS - You're dead
09. CRAN - Famine
10. BROMURE - Lève-toi
11. RECIDIVE - Idées noires
12. FACTION S - Usé jusqu'à l'os
13. PARPAING - Dame de fer

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