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BIKES • s/t II • LP

BIKES • s/t II • LP

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Alien Snatch! Records

After hard touring around the globe, Berlin thug-rockers BIKES finally found the time to lock themselves into their East-Berlin rehearsal space and record their next album, tactically avoiding the sophomore slump. It's chock full of hits, equally influenced by both kinds: Rock AND Roll, guaranteed to move your bones! Songs about bars, being locked up behind bars, motorcycles - things you can relate to! Steady, no-bullshit caveman drumming! Vicious bass! Thuggish guitars with some wild monstro/mongo Chuck Berry riffs thrown in! That's right! No wimpy shit here! The return of pub-rock? Maybe?

Imagine a party on Doctor Moreau's island where the dance band is made up of four giant chain- wielding, beer guzzling, leather-clad parrots... suddenly, out of nowhere, Keith Richards shows up high on his father's ashes and joins them for an encore.

A1. Blue Car
A2. Wrong Direction
A3. Greetings From Rostock
A4. Jailbreak 
A5. Harem Cafe 
A6. No Time 
B1. Basketball 
B3. What Do You Know About Tantric Sex? 
B4. Parrot Colony 
B5. Best Friend Joe 
B6. P.P.O.D. 
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