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MAKEWAR • Developing A Theory Of Integrity • LP

MAKEWAR • Developing A Theory Of Integrity • LP

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Gunner Records 


Some folks will see these South Americans playing punk rock and they'll say, "Build a wall!" We saw the trio and said, "Let's give 'em a record deal and get these badass hermanos on tour!" MakeWar is the first band we've ever worked with from NYC and their sound blends Gainesville/Chicago drinking anthems with Long Island emo-punk like Taking Back Sunday and Brand New. Yeah, it's weird, but let's see what your punk band sounds like after you've had to flee Venezuela, eh amigo?! MakeWar is planning to hit the road hard and already have a tour of the U.S., a tour of Europe, and festival appearances booked in support "Developing A Theory Of Integrity". No walls can hold this band back!

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