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MAKEWAR • s/t • LP

MAKEWAR • s/t • LP

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Gunner Records 2015


This record means a lot to us. It’s a transition from what we were into what we’ve become, forging forward in the direction that we were clearly headed. We’ve grown from Sad and French into MakeWar. Some of the old songs are there, but with a new feeling and energy. We still have the same heart, and the same passion, we’ve just added so much more – a new member, a new sound, and importantly, a new name. This record not only compliments the Sad and French acoustic record – it takes an idea and expands on it. Plugging in the instruments made sense, and once we did, it became loud clear to all of us that this was a new direction that suited us all as a band and not just one lost love. MakeWar might’ve been Sad once. But we were never French.

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