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FLUPPE • Blüte • LP

FLUPPE • Blüte • LP

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Chateau Lala Records

The debut album from the Hamburg-based band FLUPPE offers a powerful mix of post-punk and indie rock. Produced by GREGOR HENNIG (VIERKANTTRETLAGER, DIE STERNE, BELA B.). "Blüte" is released in vinyl format (180-gram pressing) including a double-sided printed lyric booklet on CHATEAU LALA.

FLUPPE hails from Hamburg and has already caused quite a stir in the local indie scene with their three previously released singles ("William Christ Superstar", "Nikki Swango", "Scotland Yard"), as well as joint performances with PAULS JETS, HERRENMAGAZIN, SWMRS, and RAT BOY. Highly praised by fans and critics alike, the quartet, influenced by bands like BOXHAMSTERS, BUT ALIVE, or TURBOSTAAT, now presents a formidable debut album. On "Blüte", they merge old and new school post-punk with darkly melodic indie rock into a powerfully compact and poetic whole. With singer JOSEF ENDICOTT, the band has a charismatic frontman who brings a vocally rough timbre, anger, and punk attitude to the cryptic metaphor-laden yet openly direct lyrics, providing the perfect expression. The album was recorded, produced, and mixed by GREGOR HENNIG (VIERKANTTRETLAGER, DIE STERNE, BELA B.), and mastered by CHRIS VON RAUTENKRANZ.

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