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DFL • Proud To Be • LP (20th Anniversary Reissue)

DFL • Proud To Be • LP (20th Anniversary Reissue)

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"The most striking thing about DFL's second album, Proud to Be is just how genuine it sounds. Originally released in 1995, following in the wake of the commercial success of Green Day, the album swims against pretty much all the other punk trends of the time. Green Day established that a punk band could make money and that to do so, all you really had to do was adhere to the core tenants of radio airplay and voila!

So, what did DFL do with Proud to Be? They continued their relationship with Ad Rock of the Beastie Boys, one of the most commercially successful acts of all time- with the Beastie Boy having moved from bass to producer- and cut an entirely non-commercial album.

Not that punk rock needs to fight against classic radio sounds- there's certainly no rule that says punk rock can't be catchy or even poppy. But, Proud to be flaunted its early 80's hardcore influences so proudly, the band was doing the exact opposite of the herd. Was it calculated or was it by instinct? The best bet is on the latter because these tunes just sound so righteous.

Embracing the low-fi buzzing of Minor Threat and Wasted Youth (and let's be honest, Pollywog Stew) DFL's second album tears through twenty tracks in about that many minutes. The band snaps between super revved up riffs and the famed low rumbling breakdown. You have to give credit to guitarist Monty Messex and bassist Tom Barta, who combine their instruments in front of the mix and max their distortion sound like a Harley-Davidson."

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