LANDSLIDE DIARY • In Presence Of Pages • LP

LANDSLIDE DIARY • In Presence Of Pages • LP

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Fond Of Life Records

Landslide Diary is a group of friends from various punk and metal bands (The Prosecution, Anti Peewee, Corinore, Settle Down) who like to remember parties where they woke up the next morning without much of a memory and totally dehydrated in front of a charred fireplace. The whole thing has little to do with nostalgia, though. After all, they still beat their knees bloody in the surrounding skate parks after band rehearsals, and celebrate life, even if it passes by far too fast.

The foursome definitely has its roots in the punk scene and is not afraid to put the word "pop" in front of it. What was most important to them when writing the album was to remain independent and uncompromising in their songwriting: No producer who told them: "Hey guys, you have to develop yourself" or "sing a little bit cleaner".

And so "In Presence of Pages" is above all characterized by deep friendship. Without the support of many good friends it wouldn't have been possible to give the album the authenticity you hear in every single riff.

Lyrically, it is not an English literature seminar. It's conversations at the bar, friends talking about the comedies and tragedies of life. Love, friendship, depression, wanderlust but also homesickness - life writes so many exciting, sad and funny stories. You don't have to go to the theater to tell them. Sometimes the small pub next door and a handful of good friends who carry you through life are enough.

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