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SPEED • Gang Called Speed • LP

SPEED • Gang Called Speed • LP

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Flatspot Records

With a mission in mind, Speed is setting out to put Australian hardcore on the map. Following the release of their demo in 2019, the band teamed up with US label Flatspot Records for a two-song EP in 2020, and they'll join forces again for "Gang Called Speed."
Drawing influence from old-school acts like Biohazard and Merauder just as much as bands like Trapped Under Ice, the band is putting forth pit-ready music that makes it surprising they've only been able to play a handful of shows since their formation.

This is the green and pink galaxy vinyl version, limited to 559 copies.

Track Listing:

1. Not That Nice
2. Another Toy
3. Move
4. Big Bite
5. Every Man For Themself
6. Know Your Foe
7. We See U (bonus track)
8. A Dumb Dog Gets Flogged (bonus track)
9. Devil U Know (bonus track)
10. Shut It Down (demo) (bonus track)
11. Burn Straight Thru U (demo) (bonus track)
12. Real Sick (demo) (bonus track)
13. Everybody Bleeds (demo) (bonus track)
14. Die In The Dark (demo) (bonus track)

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