SCOTT RITCHER (ex- METROSCHIFTER) • acoustic instore show • Tue, 07.03.2023

BOOZE CRUISE alumni SCOTT RITCHER is back in town!
Since his days with the group Metroschifter, Scott Ritcher’s songwriting has evolved from start-stop explosions and overdriven math-rock to bare-bones arrangements of country-inspired melodies.
Throughout that evolution – even as his songs were recorded by indie heavyweights like Refused, The Get Up Kids, The Promise Ring, Elliott and Burning Airlines – his sound has remained recognizable.
Now Scott Ritcher is standing center stage, combining acoustics and electronics in a unique new solo performance of minimalist country music.
Born in Louisville, Kentucky, and now based in Stockholm, Ritcher happily blends the traditional sounds of his birthplace with the dark minimalism of his adopted home.
Entrance is for free, a donation for the touring band would be sweet 😘
Start: 18:30 hrs
Doors: Store opens at 14 hrs


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