SLAIR & COSMO THUNDER • acoustic instore show • Thu, 13.04.2023

SLAIR and COSMO THUNDER are going on tour together in April. Driven by restlessness and wanderlust, what started as "Let's play together" quickly turned into "Let's make a tour out of it". The two of them are going to travel through the north-west of Germany and luckily will make a stop at our shop! 

SLAIR, whose real name is Sue, originally comes from Toronto but fate brought her to Cologne. She not only works as a tattoo artist there, but also plays guitar and sings in the wonderful band BETWEEN BODIES. Her music wraps you in a warm melancholic coat and takes you on a dream journey.

COSMO THUNDER moved from the small town of Wittingen in Lower Saxony to Braunschweig and Hildesheim before settling in Münster. Despite playing the western guitar, he still shows his roots in punk rock and emo. Since 2020, he has been working with friends to rework old demos, which are gradually being released on cassette through the DIY label Intersphere Records. The latest release came out in October 2022.


Doors: We are open from 14hrs to after the show
Start: 18:30hrs
The Show is for free, but a donation for the artists would be sweet. 


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