TOTAL THRASH • video night • 15. October 2022

Rezet Total Thrash Traitor

We will turn our store into a cinema: 

Thrash Metal has grown through tape trading and record stores and we want to bring the scene together with you in exactly these stores all over Germany through the "Total Thrash Record Store Tour 2022" with movies, beers and some bands at each event. 

At Cruise Records on 15. October you can meet the guys from REZET and TRAITOR, watch the movie, dig through piles of records and shirts, drink too many beers, eat too many loaded nachos (provided by Katermenü)
See you there, right? Thrash on!

Start: 18hrs
Damage: Free entry
Beers, non alcoholic drinks, loaded nachos (incl. vegan options) will be available all night. 
Please don't bring your own drinks and snacks :-*

FB - Event:

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