VICTORY KID & DAVE COLLIDE • Acoustic instore show • 02. August 2022

Instore show with

Los Angeles, California
Sbäm Records

Victory Kid are Southern California’s answer to a question that has yet to be asked.
Band founders Harrison (vocals, guitar) Cuni (guitar) Andrew (bass) and Carlo (drums) share a love for surfing, tacos, heartfelt music and political activism.
The band will open for MAD CADDIES later that night at the Grünspan.


The educated eye will recognise Dave as singer of BIKE AGE.
He is on his "9 EUR Bahnticket" summer
tour and luckily a regionalbahn is dropping him off in Hamburg.
Thanks for travelling with Deutsche Bahn.

Show is free, but a donation for Dave would be ace.

"Doors": 17:30 (store opens at 14hrs)
Start: 18:00ish

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