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100BLUMEN • Hoffnung, Halt's Maul! • LP

100BLUMEN • Hoffnung, Halt's Maul! • LP

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Actually, 100 blumen wanted to take a longer break, but then Covid-19 came along and the cards were reshuffled not only for them. But that’s not all: With OIRO's Akki on bass, there is a new member to report, who turns the trio into a quartet. With him the 100blumen rocket took off. And here they are, back with a big bang, their new album. You can expect the usual 100blumen mix of punk and noise and electro and industrial, construction and deconstruction, dancefloor and fist in the pit of your stomach. 100blumen don’t fit into any pigeonhole, but they have further expanded their very own niche with the nine new tracks. They don’t rest on their laurels here, they dig in! That’s why “Hoffnung halt’s Maul” is not a mild late work, but an angry, melancholic, pissed-off journey through their entire musical output. Only now even more awesome and with bass guitar!

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