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ANGRY SAMOANS • Back From Samoa (Lim. Orange Vinyl) • LP

ANGRY SAMOANS • Back From Samoa (Lim. Orange Vinyl) • LP

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Triple X Records

The best garage punk album of the year. The SAMOANS have once again produced a brilliant amalgam of 60s punk, 80s punk, and heavy metal. The punchy uptempo sound, buttressed by three guitars and extremely belligerent mid-60s lead vocals is so dense that it’s well-nigh impenetrable, but it’s the SAMOANS’ exceptionally retarded sense of humor that really accounts for their perverse appeal. This brain-damaged approach is vastly better than the commercialized punk and self-conscious Satanic crap which currently dominates the LA scene, so don’t miss out.

01. Gas Chamber
02. The Todd Killings
03. Lights Out
04. My Old Man's A Fatso
05. Time Has Come Today
06. They Saved Hitler's Cock
07. Homo-Sexual
08. Steak Knife
09. Haizman's Brain Is Calling
10. Tuna Taco
11. Coffin Case
12. You Stupid Jerk
13. Ballad Of Jerry Curlan
14. Not Of This Earth
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