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D-SAILORS • Lies And Hoes • LP

D-SAILORS • Lies And Hoes • LP

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Noisy Plastics Records

With "Lies & Hoes" by the band D-Sailors, the cult album from 2004 is being released on vinyl for the very first time.

Back then, the skatepunks advanced the genre like few other bands from Germany and made it popular in the first place.

The most well-known member of the band is probably Uli Breitbach, who played with Terrorgruppe and TUSQ after his time with D-Sailors.

The vinyl comes in a very elegant and unique cover, entirely handcrafted. The printed plastic panels are particularly noteworthy, and the bubble bags are sure to catch attention when holding the album or showing it to other collectors as a visual treat.

All in all, a lot of passion went into this release, and meticulous attention was paid to ensuring an exquisite finish down to the smallest detail!

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