84 TIGERS • Time In The Lighthouse (coloured Vinyl) • LP
84 TIGERS • Time In The Lighthouse (coloured Vinyl) • LP

84 TIGERS • Time In The Lighthouse (coloured Vinyl) • LP

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84 Tigers’ debut album Time in the Lighthouse feels like a hurricane of nature at times — crashing, shifting, and moving with an intensity that only Mother Nature can create, then suddenly shifting to rise with big, open melodies, creating a sense of the clouds parting after a massive storm on the seas.
Featuring Mike Reed (guitar/vocals), Ben Reed (bass), and Jono Diener (drums), and after years of perennial touring and releases with their previous critically-adored outfits, Small Brown Bike and The Swellers, 84 Tigers has emerged as the three musicians' primary creative outlet in music.
The trio immediately bonded, having gone down a similar path of pursuing a dream, making a splash, then exiting when the time felt right. The band officially formed in early 2021 based on demos Mike had been working on through 2019/2020. In October 2021, still unannounced to the world, the band recorded with Marc Jacob Hudson (Against Me!, Taking Back Sunday) at Rancho Recordo, deep in the woods of Michigan. The result is an intense and driving 10-song album that blurs the lines of post-hardcore, punk, and 90s alt-rock into the band’s own sound. 
Time In The Lighthouse perfectly captures the juxtaposition of its point of origin — layers of grit and weathered textures surrounding a core that is authentic and approachable, and thematic content that balances subtle nods and explicit references to the enduring and industrious spirit of the midwest.

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