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ANTI-QUEENS • Disenchanted • LP

ANTI-QUEENS • Disenchanted • LP

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Stomp Records

Anti-Queens' new album is absolutely rammed with massive pop-punk-rock anthems. From defiant ragers to heartfelt angry love songs to scathing social castigations, Disenchanted is set to be the summertime favourite for rebels, misfits and outcasts.

Throughout their journey, The Anti-Queens have remained a symbol of resilience, creativity, and the unbreakable bond of music. Their narrative is a testament to their ability to adapt, overcome, and inspire, connecting with audiences around the globe through electrifying performances and a genuine commitment to their craft.

“Every element on The Anti-Queens falls into place without a hitch, with infectious energy that is off the charts as each song makes you want to sing and dance along until your body gives out.” – PunkNews

“If you are a fan of bands like The Blackhearts, The Runaways, L7 or the Distillers, this is definitely a band you should check out.” – Bad Copy Mag

“The energy of admiration reverbs as hard as the bassline as the four punk veterans revel in the chance to play together.” – Atwood Magazine

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