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ANTILLECTUAL • Together (Yellow Vinyl) • LP

ANTILLECTUAL • Together (Yellow Vinyl) • LP

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Keep It A Secret Records (among a loooong list of other labels)


 The new album describes the state of the world, the music industry, and our approach to this album. Current global issues can only be addressed together; Ukraine cannot defeat Putin alone, nor can we combat climate change without global support. Instead of being a Do It Yourself band, we prefer the Do It Together approach. Without partners like independent labels, promoters, bookers, and, of course, the support of our audience, we would be lost. This also applies to this release: we have asked friends who run labels, stores, and booking agencies to work together on this album. Without them, this album wouldn't go anywhere.

And lastly: Although the songs were recorded and partly released digitally, we wanted to bring them together on a physical album. The tracklist includes brand new musical discoveries and your favorite singles that were previously released digitally, all presented in an album context - and all in a physical format of your choice! The albums will come with song lyrics and detailed liner notes.

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