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BAD RELIGION • No Control • LP

BAD RELIGION • No Control • LP

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Epitaph Records

"No Control" is one of the albums that helped bridge the band"s more reckless earlier direction with their more focused (but just as pissed-off) "90s-era. The strength of such cuts as "Big Bang," "Automatic Man," the title track, and "I Want to Conquer the World." No Control is one of the bands best all-time albums and an archetypal blueprint for the genre.

01. Change Of Ideas
02. Big Bang
03. No Control
04. Sometimes I Feel Like
05. Automatic Man
06. I Want To Conquer The World
07. Sanity
08. Henchman
09. It Must Look Pretty Appealing
10. You
11. Progress
12. I Want Something More
13. Anxiety
14. Billy
15. The World Won't Stop
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