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BLACK SQUARE • Blumen Am Abgrund (Clear Smoked Vinyl)• LP

BLACK SQUARE • Blumen Am Abgrund (Clear Smoked Vinyl)• LP

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Keep It A Secret Records

Gatefold Cover

Formed during the pandemic to channel their anger against the prevailing conditions into creativity, BLACK SQUARE, a two-person project consisting of vocalist Fini and guitarist Bonny, quickly gained attention for their politically charged content.

"Blumen am Abgrund" is a loud outcry against Fortress Europe, which raises its walls while people drown in the sea every day. It denounces right-wing networks within the police, downplayed as isolated incidents, and serves as a requiem for patriarchal structures that oppress us all, while celebrating feminist self-determination. Fini's aggressive vocals perfectly complement the message of the lyrics, and guitarist Bonny drives the songs forward. The band is supported by guest appearances from Sabrina of LÜGEN, MC Ezra, Carla K., and Schrumpelmei.

With their debut album, BLACK SQUARE delivers a powerful HC-Punk album with highly political content that will accompany us for a long time due to its relevance. Antifascist, feminist, and anticapitalist!



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