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BOSTON MANOR • Sundiver (Blue with White Inkspot) • LP • Pre-Order

BOSTON MANOR • Sundiver (Blue with White Inkspot) • LP • Pre-Order

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Sharptone Records
Release date: 6. September 2024

Sundiver is Boston Manor’s fifth album and one that represents a glimmering dawn for the Blackpool five-piece. Grown from a seedbed of optimism and sobriety, the LP celebrates new beginnings, second chances and rebirth. With two members recently stepping into fatherhood, hope is baked into every note. The concept of the butterfly effect is present on Sundiver – how small actions can lead to big changes. This is no clearer than on their second single, Sliding Doors. It has the golden sound of late 90s Lollapalooza rock – think Smashing Pumpkins - rebooted with crisp 2024 production and a potent heaviness. Heat Me Up is defiant and victorious, the audio equivalent of quitting your shit job and driving into the hot summer sun with a head full of dreams. 



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