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THE BOUNCING SOULS • Ten Stories High • LP

THE BOUNCING SOULS • Ten Stories High • LP

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Pure Noise Records

we got these variants:

'half clear / half blue' coloured vinyl. Limited to 300 copies

gold nugget vinyl, also limited to 300 copies 

Blue w/Heavy White Splatter vinyl, limited to 1.550 copies

Sea Blue & White Galaxy Vinyl, limited to 2.000 copies


The new full length album from the excellent larger-than-life punk group The Bouncing Souls!

The band convened with producer/engineer Will Yip at Studio 4 and began honing the tracks, as well as writing two new songs from scratch. “Pete had the idea to write a song that sort of encapsulated the project,” Attonito says, “That was ‘Ten Stories High’ and it came together really quickly in the room together.” That title track kicks off the album with a burst of classic Bouncing Souls energy, blazing by in less than two minutes of crunchy guitars, up-front bass, and soaring vocals that are sure to put a smile on the face of any punk fan. It’s the perfect introduction to an album that draws directly from stories of life’s ups and downs, the moments of joy, sadness, and excitement that end up bonding us together. “It was so refreshing to be like ‘Oh cool we’re going to get to know someone’,” says Attonito. “We’ve written so many songs from our own experiences but this time we really stepped outside of that.” - Brooklyn Vegan

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