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CAPTAIN PLANET • Come On, Cat (Red Vinyl) • LP

CAPTAIN PLANET • Come On, Cat (Red Vinyl) • LP

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Zeitstrafe Records

Release date: 8. September 2023

Captain Planet is a special band. It's a band you don't forget, even if they haven't been heard from in a while. Their last album, "Ein Ende," was released in 2016, and their last concert took place in February 2020. They are the definition of a favorite band that accompanies you and stays with you, even if they are quiet for a while, only to gently break your heart with new music and lyrics, while whispering "It goes on. Somehow. It must." into your ear. Musically, "Come On, Cat" is energetic, melodic emo-punk that has been in its own league in Germany since the band was formed in 2003. Captain Planet won't be reaching the pinnacle of German punk with their fifth album, nor did they set out to do so. This band is true to itself, not conforming to any particular scene. And yet, few bands generate as much excitement and enthusiasm among their friends when something new happens.

01. Neujahr
02. Am Wald
03. Drinnen/Draußen
04. Halley
05. Tag der offenen Herzen
06. Tuffi
07. Alte Gräber
08. A Kaputt
09. Kadaver
10. Nur Verlierer
11. Halb so schwer
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