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CHARTREUX • You Didn't Doubt This • 12"EP

CHARTREUX • You Didn't Doubt This • 12"EP

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Gunner Records

When someone sees CHARTREUX, they might think: "Hey, I've seen them somewhere before." And for those who used to spend their time in smoky basements, run-down punk venues, and DIY concerts in a time before Corona, there could be some truth to that thought.

After the members of CHARTREUX spent years playing in bands like Tackleberry, Shutcombo, Oat, Piefke, Warehouse, and several other projects all over Europe, they all agreed on what the world needs: another band with a band name that no one knows how to pronounce correctly. The main thing is the image, where hardcore is still spelled P-U-N-K and world-weariness is explained in two minutes. It sounds somewhat like Gainesville and Philly, just from Leipzig and the East German provinces.

And when a pandemic sweeps over the world right after their first concert, shatters all plans, and calls all certainties into doubt, well, they just go ahead and record a debut album: "You didn't doubt this." Hats off!

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