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ABEST • Molten Husk (180gr) • LP

ABEST • Molten Husk (180gr) • LP

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Moment Of Collapse Records

Following up the critically acclaimed last album "Bonds Of Euphoria", Abest have come back swinging with an even more unruly mix between metal and hardcore. The band's upcoming full-length record, entitled Molten Husk, is their most forward thinking work yet, finding the band breaking through the barriers of contemporary post-metal. It continues where "Bonds Of Euphoria" left off but pushes the boat out even further, incorporating influences from different genres as well as a constant personal and musical progression.

The band's upcoming album is another concerted progression from Abest’s early material. Again recorded by Jan Oberg (Downfall Of Gaia, Deathrite) and featuring contributions by Denise (Tuliips), Lars (Sun Worship, Ultha) and Yannick (Farson), the record is leaving nearly no room to breathe. A crushingly oppressive experience that is expanding the band‘s sound into new and extreme spheres.


1. Through The Veins
2. Narrative Subtracted
3. The Twitched Veil
4. Molten Husk
5. Rendition Of Truth
6. Possessor
7. Bulging Aversion
8. Through The Concrete
9. Into A Mirrored Hall
10. Cognitive Empathy
11. Obliteration
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