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LBB • Drippy • LP

LBB • Drippy • LP

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Iron Lung Records

Turbarum is Latin for turba, meaning stir, disturbance, tumult, uproar or trouble.

Ostraca are potsherds (a broken piece of ceramic material) used for writing. Almost all found in Greece are incised; in Athens they were used particularly in voting in ostracism.

The sounds carved into the flesh of “Drippy” are about as easy to describe as training a dog to understand the intricacies of quantum physics. They are etherial and violent, welcoming and forbidden, attractive and alienating. “Drippy” is an journey to a new world fraught with unknown dangers and ancient treasures. Dig responsibly.

300 copies of 150 gram black vinyl housed in a hand letterpressed jacket adorned with artwork by M.C. Escher with additional text by Sarah Hanna. Recorded, assembled and reworked by David Bailey and Cort Lippe. Mastered by John Golden.

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