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CRISIS MAN • Asleep in America • LP

CRISIS MAN • Asleep in America • LP

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Erste Theke Tonträger

Here’s the debut LP from CRISIS MAN, the sound of standing barefoot in the garage and watching all your stepdad’s power tools on the shelves gradually rattling to the floor. Nine songs of heatstroke music performed by alums of Ceremony, Acrylics, Violent Change, a pure punk blend featuring bending and winding guitar parts twisted alongside springy bass lines and hopping mad drum hits while the vocalist barks and growls like a coyote lost in a Whole Foods hot bar. Straight to 12″ in a Tascam tone warm as a Novato sunset, a must-have for record flippers and headcleaner huffers alike. Hardcorepunk in 2022. Phased-out vocals are sung into a microphone covered with a sock over some claustrophobic clatter. Nine songs of frenetic, free-spirited weirdness. An aural display of what living in the bay area feels like, the rent is due, the car doesn’t run anymore, a techie just took the last seat on the crowded BART car. The glass was full to the brim with anxious energy already, but now it’s been knocked on the floor.

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