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SHIT PRESENT • What Still Gets Me (Clear Vinyl) • LP

SHIT PRESENT • What Still Gets Me (Clear Vinyl) • LP

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Specialist Subject Records
Release date: 5. May 2023

For almost three years, Shit Present front person Iona Cairns struggled to write a song. It was the result of a hospitalisation, and coming to terms with her mental health issues, and while Cairns was in a much healthier place, she felt as if she couldn’t return to the person she was before. Then, without any epiphany or grand catalyst, Cairns picked up the guitar again and began writing what would become their first full-length album ‘What Still Gets Me’.

The album deals with weighty emotions, but it’s not about helplessness or intimidation. Through Cairns’ exorcising vocal delivery and the band’s relentless sonic arrangements, there’s a kind of rebirth that announces she is not a victim of herself nor anyone else. It’s a surrender to the feelings that make us uncomfortable, pushing them to the forefront instead of hiding them behind a curtain. By owning the messy, ever-changing landscape of our interior worlds, Shit Present offers up a collection where we can find solace in even our darkest, scariest moments.
Clear vinyl limited to 500 copies.

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