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PUBLIC INTEREST • Spiritual Pollution • LP

PUBLIC INTEREST • Spiritual Pollution • LP

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Erste Theke Tonträger 

Release date: 31. March 2023 - NEW DATE: 31. May 2023!!

PUBLIC INTEREST can do no wrong in our eyes and they held the door open for you again.
This LP is even denser and fuller than their previous Between 12". If you like dark post-punk, you might like this, as much as we do. Synthy post-punk that surprises with every track.
ETT is proud to bring the 2nd vinyl from this project out of Oakland featuring members of Marbled Eye. Marbled Eye’s recent recordings showcased their ability to write catchy post-punk tunes and this 8-song LP from Public Interest is the same level.

While you’ll hear plenty of those memorable guitar lines that made the Marbled Eye tracks so great, the songs here feel snappier, more concerned with generating a pop-inspired forward momentum than stretching things out and floating in mid-air. The angular synth lines and mechanical rhythms are a nice counterpoint to those fluid guitar lines, imbuing Between with an irresistible tension. This is utterly brilliant.

I don't have a favourite track because this record is just good and coherent in its integrity. Guitars sound ace, drums and bass are on point and the vocals give some pop shades that are never annoying. Really great enjoyable LP.

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