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MATT PIKE (HIGH ON FIRE) • Pike vs. the Automaton • DoLP

MATT PIKE (HIGH ON FIRE) • Pike vs. the Automaton • DoLP

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From redefining the rules of hard rock with his award-winning trio High on Fire, to reverse engineering doom metal with his genre-defining trio Sleep, Matt Pike has channeled his natural talents and forged a steel-hard path straight into the heart of the modern molten metal. Born out of the challenges of a global pandemic, born beneath infernal reddish-orange skies, bred from furious wildfires on the West Coast, and constructed amidst years of political unrest and protests in Portland, OR, Pike's solo debut, "Pike vs. Automaton," is both a musical and emotional catharsis.

The album was written by Pike together with drummer Jon Reid, features contributions from a range of family members and friends, and was recorded with longtime conspirator Billy Anderson, the producer who previously brought out the best in Pike on milestone releases such as "Surrounded by Thieves."

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