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MASTIFF • Leave Me The Ashes Of The Earth (Clear Vinyl) • LP

MASTIFF • Leave Me The Ashes Of The Earth (Clear Vinyl) • LP

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Did you also hear it? It sounded as if the heavy gates to the underworld had just been opened with a loud noise. In case you missed this sound, Mastiff comes close to it sonically with their new and third album, 'Leave Me The Ashes Of The Earth.' And we don't want to keep from you what else this nine-song album has to offer as we take you into the darkness.

After their previous two albums, 'Wrank' and 'Bork,' followed a clear musical direction and were, according to some critics, a bit too narrowly defined, Mastiff shows on the new record that it's worth exploring different directions. The important thing is that the band hasn't lost sight of their direct and massive sound.

The first track, 'The Hiss,' starts with the increasing monotonous vibrations, supported by the drums. It creates an immersive and powerful heaviness that dominates the overall tone, complemented by diabolical and melodic guitar riffs. The echoing screams play around the elusive and sometimes indescribable essence. Individual tracks blend into each other, creating a thick and haunting cacophony, a central element on 'Leave Me The Ashes Of The Earth.'

Advertisement Mastiff shows what their repertoire is capable of To give it a different direction, 'Fail' immediately takes a different path. The driving blast beats go full throttle from the first second. Overall, the drums on the album are impressive, presenting a brutal interchange of different beats that significantly contribute to the mood of each song and the album as a whole. If you think of bands like Crowbar or Napalm Death, you're absolutely right.

One of the songs that pushes the band's already known sound to the extreme is probably 'Midnight Creeper.' The loud and seemingly uncontrolled piece may not be as musically diverse as other tracks, but it can be summed up in one word: disgusting! And that's in the best sense!

But didn't we promise versatility? Well, it's there! In 'Midnight Creeper,' fans can expect a shift from a catchy two-step part to a blast beat that makes your ears bleed. The vocals are also much more understandable in that section, while in songs like 'Endless' or 'Scalped And Salted,' they become part of the atmosphere. It's evident that Mastiff is expanding their musical range without leaving their comfort zone, and they do it quite well!

Atmosphere that goes slightly overboard To provide a framework for the overall work and to return to the noise and rumble with which the band started their album, white noise is played with in the aforementioned 'Scalped And Salted.' In the final song, 'Lung Rust,' this technique is taken to the extreme. The brutally pounding song fades into a disturbing, unpleasant noise that lasts for several minutes. It might be a bit too much for some.

However, it creates a coherent image that lingers even after the needle has left the vinyl. And it is clear to everyone that the British band definitely understands the word 'atmosphere.'"

01. The Hiss
02. Fail
03. Repulse
04. Midnight Creeper
05. Beige Sabbath
06. Futile
07. Endless
08. Scalped And Salted
09. Lung Rust


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