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DIE STERNE • Hello Euphoria (ltd. edition) • LP

DIE STERNE • Hello Euphoria (ltd. edition) • LP

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The Hamburg indie rock institution Die Sterne is releasing its new album called "Hallo Euphoria" these days. On it, the band sounds relevant and to the point as always, at the same time revitalized and completely like themselves.

The noticeable mood of departure on "Hallo Euphoria" is remarkable, because a few years ago you could definitely have the impression that Die Sterne had arrived in a kind of administrative mode after 25 years as a band. But then band head, singer and guitarist Frank Spilker has completely replaced his comrades-in-arms and with a new line-up in 2020 with "Die Sterne" has knocked out a surprisingly fresh and lively album for many.

Hallo Euphoria" maintains this course. This time Frank Spilker is supported by Jan Philipp Janzen and Phillip Tielsch (both also active with Von Spar and Urlaub in Polen), keyboardist Dyan Valdés and arranger and guitarist Max Knoth. The mixture of indie rock, kraut, funk and electronica that Die Sterne stir up still sounds extremely snappy and gets into your legs in 2022. The sound is light and airy, but definitely not shallow.

Of course, Frank Spilker also delivers trenchant observations of everyday life on album number 13. For example, "Alles was ich will" is about modern singlehood in the age of Tinder and Co, and "Die Welt wird knusprig" is surely the most charmingly euphoric description of climate change ever. Lyrically demanding, Spilker, as always, asks more questions than he has answers ready and leaves the index finger down.
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