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DAZY • Outofbody (Coke Bottle Clear Vinyl) • LP

DAZY • Outofbody (Coke Bottle Clear Vinyl) • LP

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Lame O Records

One amp.
One mic.
One person.
Countless hooks.
That's the Dazy formula. Since first releasing the single "Bright Lights" in August 2020, Dazy mastermind James Goodson has been writing, recording, and releasing new music like a man on the hunt to find the best pop hook, and he won't stop until he's put all of them into his songs. Showcasing a unique set of influences, Dazy's sound marries thumping drum machine beats, blasts of feeding back guitar, and sugar-sweet hooks into something that sounds like Godflesh covering Oasis_or maybe the other way around.
With lean songwriting that recalls Teenage Fanclub but a home-recorded production style better suited for Big Black, Goodson builds a constant churn of abrasive, consuming noise and then makes it catchier than anyone else would ever dare to.

Dazy released two EPs, Revolving Door and The Crowded Mind, in 2021, the latter of which landed on Stereogum's `25 Great EPs From 2021' list.' Ever-prolific, all of those songs and more appeared on Dazy's August 2021 collection, "MAXIMUMBLASTSUPERLOUD: The First 24 Songs" on Convulse Records, which was also included on multiple year-end lists in the USA.

"...sticky, fuzzy, overwhelmingly catchy power-pop, and it's got hooks for days" STEREOGUM

"Absolutely ridiculous `90s college rock hook-laden pop"

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