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SEX MEX • 23 • LP

SEX MEX • 23 • LP

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Alien Snatch! Records

ALIEN SNATCH! (Berlin) are with back with a vengeance! And going back to Texas for material (where they previously picked up HEX DISPENSERS, GOLDEN BOYS, JEWWS, EERIE FAMILY, BAD SPORTS, RADIOACTIVITY...), this longplayer from Sex Mex (San Antonio), their first vinyl release (after a few cassette releases), Rebecca Moore and the San Antonio boys (Nick, Matthew and Nathan), Rebecca singing at the beginning (I assume) before handing the mic to the boys, electric-spark punk rock, stomp that heel into the frayed wire of the old PacMan machine, dimestore wine mixed with heavy doses of bitter cough syrup, amphetamine salts and dandelion glogg, punk rock drenched in synth (and/or organ), a date with your new squeeze at the late-night roller rink, sticky Cracker Jack fingers supergluing fist clenched together, wet kisses sweet with Annie Green Springs, grins topped with the foam from root beer floats spiked with 151 rum and leaving you with a scowl as she skates off with your best friend Russ with the stuffed purple brontosaurus stuffed under her arm, the one you won for her on claw-grab machine, and all you can do is grab a slice from under the heat lamp glowing red and put another quarter in the tabletop PacMan machine and hope for the best...dark fun fast punches of punk rock to the face, going for the gonads, completely coming from the gut but continuing a Texas tradition of punk rock n roll with plenty of pogo pop and droves of low-fi drive...the guitars and everything else pushed together into a tightly knit fuzzy ball of it should be...I'll never tire of junk like this. This is what we need today!

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